Valuation principles for start-up – 3 ways to validate your story

We offer you free questionnaire, which contains necessary information for validating your approach to the funding. Our comments based on the analysis can help you to avoid common pitfalls as well as to get rough estimate of the potential valuation of your company at its’ current state from point of view of the potential investors.

We help you to bring best out of your innovation and start-up with fair


Fill in the information requested in following form as well as possible. Based on that we will come back to you with estimates pointing out your value drives from investor point of view. With this you will get an estimate and external view to your start-up’s value at it’s current state, which you can compare to your own expectation. After having discussion with us you can also find new key points how to match your expected value with the potential investors. This can enable you find right phase and right source for funding your start-up. You can also contact us, if you need help creating the needed data.

Valuation for start-up
Cybermind helps to find valuation for your start-up