Cybermind Oy was founded in spring 2017 by four experienced ICT management specialists. We help corporate management to understand and implement the key technologies and management model, skills and information security they require, especially in major transformation situations such as business transformations and acquisitions.

We have worked in the following industries: banking and finance, insurance, telecom, media, consulting, energy, public administration, digital sales and marketing and construction among others.

We have a solid practical experience:

  • Cost optimization in real business environments 

  • Business acquisitions outsourcing and mergers (30+ companies)

  • Using cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Salesforce, O 365, Google Cloud Platform, Google G Suite, IBM Cloud

  • Robust analytics

  • Practical Architecture and Business Architecture (18 companies)

  • We have over 60 years of experience in IT management

    • Securing Regulated Data 

    • Measuring IT Performance

    • Leadership and competence development of IT specialists

    • Organization and development of IT

    • Business and IT Symbiosis

Despite its young age, Cybermind has succeeded in implementing a number of successful assignments in which customers have been able to reform their operations in a way that is strategically important.


Renewing the company's operations and technology to a major player in its field

Achieved Benefits

  • A synchronized architecture with the business strategy

  • 50% savings potential

  • Selecting new vendor candidates

  • Optimized product portfolio

Measures taken

  • The challenges of the new strategy and the current technology environment

  • Creating a business architecture roadmap

  • Scanning and Evaluating Potential Suppliers

  • Optimization of cost structure

  • Reviewing product structure

Due diligence process between large companies in their industry

Achieved benefits

  • A view of the suitability of the purchase item to the buyer's strategy

  • Impact of Purchase on Organizations

  • Effects of purchasing on the technology roadmap

  • Evaluation of the organization's functional capacity

Measures taken

  • Compatibility of the company architecture to be acquired

  • Evaluation of the impact of the take-over disintegration

  • Architecture maturity level

  • Evaluation of the organization's functional capacity

Evaluating cyber threat situation of a medium-sized company

Achieved benefits

  • Stating the steps needed to increase organization's maturity level

  • An overall picture of the company's security situation

  • A project plan to reach the target

Measures taken

  • IT maturity analysis

  • Process coverage and activity evaluated for enterprise architecture

  • Organization and role of personnel in relation to processes

  • Assessment of safety-related processes and solutions

Company carve out plan

Achieved benefits

  • Changes required for the organization

  • System interfaces described

  • The necessary commercial arrangements between the companies to be set up to guarantee continuity of operations

Measures taken

  • Reviewing the strategy of a company to be formed

  • Evaluation of the organizational structure and proposals for correction

  • Assessment of system solutions for corporate architecture

  • Assessment of the information architecture and design of a new structure for a shared company

A comprehensive data protection project for an international actor where personal data processing central

Measures taken

  • Information statements

  • GAP analysis

  • Privacy Risk Management

  • ISO27001 implementation with the necessary control documentation (Privacy Policy, etc.)

  • Digital general training and face-to-face training for key groups

  • Controlling the necessary technical security projects

  • Coordination of contracts and reports for different products and countries

Achieved benefits

  • A comprehensive understanding of the situation for the management and other relevant reference groups

  • Determining, scheduling and progressing the required actions & projects as planned

Transition program implementation to a medium-sized organization in crisis

Achieved benefits

  • Creating an understanding of the importance of change and the status of peer organizations to the management and other staff

  • Setting up measures via the benefit levels (most effective vs. easiest)

Measures taken

  • IT Maturity Analysis

  • Evaluation of the digital competence

  • Getting Started with the risk framework

  • Resource Analysis

  • Measure / project plan

  • Enabling a significant, holistic change through a flexible and rapid development model

Fine-tuning of  governance structures for a company in heavy growth phase but needing funding

Achieved benefits

  • Management's understanding of the impact of different steering models on operation

  • Enabling growth and financing

Measures taken

  • A comprehensive demonstration of good governance and impact analysis

  • Formation and implementation of new control structures

    • Corporate governance

    • IT Governance

    • Code of Conduct

 Do you want to experience the benefits of Cybermind's expertise in your organization? Be in touch to discuss how we can support you.